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Tara Winona

An artist and a writer, Tara Winona's art celebrates a love affair with nature. Tara seeks to capture the spirit of nature, to give her a voice; to tell the story of being alive and her own journey through life.

Personal stories are woven into Tara's work, expressions of life changing events. Her paintings of wildlife become self-portraits, a vehicle to tell a story. Animal portraits emerge from swirls of paint, emotions and memories flow - until the boundaries between creature and artist become blurred.

Working with a minimal colour palette, Tara seeks beauty in simplicity, leaving space for the imagination. She paints with watercolour and acrylic inks, the unpredictable nature of the materials a dance of flow, co-creating with chance. As if life is expressing itself.

‘My art is an invitation to connect ... with nature, to each other. And to the deepest, truest parts of ourselves.'

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