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Nik Burns

Working from a studio in the Shropshire hills, Nik creates one of a kind sculptures. 


The combination of nature with machine is central to his creative practice and offers a common theme throughout the work. As an adolescent he was fascinated by the science fiction of Jules Verne and frequented antique shops that displayed weird and wonderful Victorian contraptions.  Though he started his creative practice as a photographer – he changed course and developed his distinctive sculptural style, producing artworks that are a wonderful combination of wood and metal, often incorporating articulated elements and lighting. 


The finishes on his sculptures are particularly beautiful – in the wooden components Nik often leaves the tool marks evident – contrasting with the machined metallic elements, or scorches the wood and cleans back to reveal the colouring and graining of the material.  His large outdoor works are often made in response to specific commissions. 

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