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 Bushra Fakhoury MRSS

Bushra Fakhoury

Bushra Fakhoury is a British sculptor. She studied art and art education at the American University in Beirut and at the University of London.

Her thematic resources are vast and nourished by myth, fable and folklore. The dynamic conception of form implies space, defined not only by solids but also by the implicit orbit of movements in space.

The sculptures were modeled in clay or plaster and cast subsequently in bronze, cement/fibreglass or resin. All the pieces can be scaled to almost any size and the resin pieces can be cast into bronze

Currently Bushra is working in London. Her work is influenced by her frequent travels to Kenya. Her sculptures are in private collections in the UK, Europe, USA, Middle East and Africa.

She, exhibits regularly with a number of commercial galleries in the UK.

Bushra has had two sculptures in London's Park Lane.  Both sculpture were bought by Pfizer for there new headquarters in Cambridge.

Dance Gwenadour.jpg
Dance Gwenadour
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