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Ale Addams


Artist: Ale Addams

Project: "Kiaretta Glam: Fake Subject, Real Life"


This artistic endeavour delves into a fascinating exploration of the prevalent social phenomenon in our interconnected world. As social media becomes an ever-pervasive part of our lives, I have observed how many individuals relentlessly strive to portray an idealized version of themselves through carefully crafted selfies and meticulously curated images.

"Kiaretta Glam" serves as an artistic response to this culture of virtual perfection. While others opt for the comfort of their private spaces, I take Kiaretta, an unconventional subject—a Barbie doll, an inanimate object—into the vibrant world to experience life firsthand. I capture Kiaretta's adventures using the lens of my iPhone—an everyday tool that has become a symbol of our interconnected world. Through this lens, Kiaretta embraces diverse cultures, explores new landscapes, and immerses herself in real-life adventures.

The contrasting concept of "fake subject, real life" underlines the significance of authenticity and genuine connections. As Kiaretta Glam challenges the norms of conventional art subjects, she simultaneously challenges societal ideals of authenticity. Her experiences may be narrated through the form of a doll, but they are undeniably "real life" and resonant with authentic moments.

In essence, "Kiaretta Glam: Fake Subject, Real Life" seeks to unravel the intricacies of perception, authenticity, and human connection. By sharing Kiaretta's journey, I urge the audience to break away from the confines of virtuality, to venture into the tangible world, and to embrace the raw beauty of unfiltered moments.

As the creator behind Kiaretta Glam, I aim to inspire a re-evaluation of what it means to live a fulfilled and meaningful life. The project invites contemplation on the thin boundary that separates what we deem "fake" and "real." By capturing Kiaretta's genuine experiences and the emotions she evokes, I hope to ignite a sense of wonder and curiosity within viewers.

"Kiaretta Glam: Fake Subject, Real Life" challenges the conventional understanding of art and authenticity, blurring the lines between reality and imagination. Through this artistic journey, I aim to awaken a collective appreciation for genuine connections, meaningful experiences, and the allure of embracing life's imperfections.

Ultimately, this project serves as a testament to the profound beauty that lies within the pursuit of authenticity in an increasingly virtual world. I invite viewers to join Kiaretta Glam on her ventures, to see through her eyes, and to discover the profound magic that resides in the authenticity of "real life."

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