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Lucianne Lassalle

Born in Paris 1960 and now living in Bristol, England. Lucianne Lassalle  has always created sculpture. She grew up in a bohemian artistic environment, her mother was a potter, her father a painter.

The human form has always been Lucianne’s passion.  For her it holds endless possibilities albeit just as pure sculptural form or as a socio-political reflection or comment.

Living in Bristol has had a huge impact on Lucianne’s recent work, streaming a flow of urban realities, reflecting particularly the street culture in the city today.  Leading her investigation into the vulnerabilities and vibrancy of human nature,  here urban myths are grafted on to the archetypes of ancient Abrahamic and Greco/Roman mythologies. 

Lucianne works predominantly from the life model .  Creating pieces on all scales; from 15cm to 2 meters. She works initially in clay, the sculpture is then cast into limited editions of Bronze or various resins.  

 “I see the human form as an interface between the mental, emotional and spiritual processes inside and the external manifestation of these ‘states’ in the outside world.  I am fascinated by the complexity of the human experience. This is what compels and inspires me to make sculpture” 

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